Some of the most challenging projects that assist marine and waterway transportation have been designed and executed by L&T, aimed at minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. With an in-depth knowledge of marine technology, L&T has created maritime structures such as docks container terminals, ports, harbours, jetties, berths, breakwater and shipyards. Other areas of specialization are quarrying, preparation of breakwater beds, shore protection works and associated marine construction works.

With its rich experience of tunneling in challenging altitudes and terrains like in the Himalayas, one of the world's toughest fold mountain ranges, L&T has built expertise in all types, sizes and shapes of tunneling with vast experience in construction of tunnels using various technologies such as the conventional Drill and Blast Method (DBM), the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM), Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), Mechanical excavation or soft tunneling using road headers, etc.

L&T Construction is involved in over 100 km of tunneling for hydel projects and has deployed the tunnel boring machine for a tunnel length of about 9 kms in a hydropower project in Uttarakhand. Soft tunneling employing road headers is being carried out at the 2000 MW Subansiri Lower HEP in Arunachal Pradesh for a length of about 14kms, for the first time in India!

Special Bridges
Having pioneered the construction of major bridges, L&T has extensive experience in executing a wide range of bridges of different span lengths using ingenious cutting-edge construction techniques such as:

  • Incremental launching
  • Segmental construction
  • Cable stay
  • Precast, pre-stressed concrete
  • Steel, concrete composite construction

L&T's capabilities in bridge-building cover design and construction of many types of bridges all over the country.

Hydel Power

L&T offers comprehensive engineering, procurement and construction services for executing water retaining and diversion structures, water conductor systems, power houses and substations, right up to evacuation of power through


From the outset, L&T has played significant role in the development of technology for the Indian nuclear power sector, the fourth-largest source of electricity through the construction of a majority of Nuclear Power Plants

Metros and Defence

L&T is involved in the construction of metro rail systems and augmenting capabilities, as urban mass rail transit systems enters future domains. Structures developed by L&T for the metro range from elevated rail corridors to underground metro rail corridors. State-of-the-art facilities and machinery have been installed and used for the construction of underground railway tunnels. L&T has contributed significantly to the successful implementation of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Delhi Metro.

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