As an industry leader in augmenting capabilities for urban mass rail transit systems, L&T is involved in the construction of metro rail systems in almost all the major Indian cities including Hyderabad, which is one of the world's most prestigious and the biggest metro contracts on BOT basis. On the global front, L&T has made inroads in the Gulf region and is currently executing metro projects at Riyadh and Doha.

Structures developed by L&T for the metro, range from elevated rail corridors to underground metro rail corridors, station buildings along with alignment and expansive depots. L&T's EPC capability enhances the pace of operations. Technologies adopted include the conventional Drill and Blast Method (DBM), the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM), Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), mechanical excavations and soft tunneling using road headers for underground alignment. Construction methods for erecting super structures include incremental launching and full span 'U' girders for the rapid completion of elevated corridors. The post modern precast yards help fast track projects well before the scheduled time.

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Riyadh Metro

Backed by the expertise and experience gained from managing mega projects for over seven and a half decades, L&T has established a position of preeminence in shoring up the country's defenses. On offer are end-to-end solutions that include:

  • Military bases / Air Force stations
  • Ordinance factories, workshops and warehouses
  • Weapon test ranges
  • Underground structures for people and armament
  • High altitude area shelters
  • Critical storage facilities
  • Pre-engineered buildings
  • Blast walls / fences
  • Watch towers with surveillance systems
Hydro Power

The hydro power business offers a 'Water to Wire' range of service on an EPC basis in tough mountainous terrains.


A majority of nuclear power plants and heavy water projects in India carry the L&T stamp of excellence.

Ports, Tunnels and Special Bridges

With in-depth knowledge of marine technology, maritime structures such as greenfield ports, breakwaters, docks, container terminals, bulk berths, liquid jetties, shipyards, shiplift systems and shore protection have been engineered and built to spearhead waterway transportation.

In-house expertise in design, quarrying and state-of-the-art equipment ensure world-class quality and timely delivery.

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