Overhead water storage reservoir at Ramnagaram Waste Water Treatment Plant at Doha, Qatar Intake well with approach bridge for Sri Sathya Sai Compressor room and pump house for Tirumala Water Supply Project SCADA & Leakage Control System of Water Transmission Network in Muscat Overhead storage reservoir and treatment plant Underground pipeline leading to delivery cisterns Delivery Cistern Overhead tank and pumping station Pumps with heavy duty motors Electrical Control Panels at Alisagar Lift Irrigation Scheme Waste water treatment plant at Mahul Typical surface aerator Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) Pipeline leaving the carriageway and entering the deep sea Effluent Treatment Plant for Sinar Mas Pulp and Paper Plant in Maharashtra 40 MLD Final Effluent Treatment Plant at Ankleshwar Aerial view of two stage biological treatment in an Sewage Treatment Plant Surface Aeration Tank 43.50 MLD Sewage Treatment Plant at Kavoor in Mangalore Approach bridge and pipeline for Vizag Master Balancing Reservoirs and Water Distribution Station Air vessels installed as a part of the Surge Protection System Pump house for Vizag Industrial Water Supply Scheme Water treatment plant at Maddur Reactivator clarifier for 120 MLD Raw Water Treatment plant at Bisalpur Water cistern installed at various villages Sai Ganga approach canal Cascade Aerator at PABR head works Clariflocculators at 25 MLD water treatment plant 16 MGD Water Treatment plant at Haiderpur Filter house with aeration tank Pump House for Bisalpur Jaipur Water Supply Scheme Clariflocculator for Regional Rural Water Supply Scheme Barmer Water Supply Scheme, Rajasthan Intake well with approach bridge for Rural Water Supply Pipeline ascending steep terrain for the Tirumala Pump House at Hogenakkal Water Supply Typical Motor controller center panels Aerial view of the 91 MLD Water Treatment Plant View of an above the ground pipeline network Ground level storage reservoirs at Hogenakkal Treated water reservoir Water Treatment Plant Water Supply Scheme for Bangalore A pump house at Tataguni near Bangalore Clariflocculator at the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) Transmission mains for Sonia Vihar Water Supply project for Delhi Jal Board View of the factory set up to exclusively manufacture MS pipes of different dia Intake well and cast iron water lines across hilly terrain Intake well with pipeline for Rishivandhiyan Raw Water Supply Scheme (RWSS) Bisalpur - Jaipur Water Supply Project (WSP) Pump house for 41.9ml underground reservoir at Nangloi, Delhi
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